How to Get Wrinkle-Free Clothing Without Ironing

If never touching an iron is your new laundry motto, you’re most likely on the hunt for tips on how to get wrinkle free-laundry. We’re happy to tell you that ironing isn’t the only way to keep your clothing smooth! In fact, there are many clothing care hacks that require far less time and effort! In this blog, we’ll go over how to get wrinkle-free clothing without ironing!

Create Dryer Steam

You have 20 minutes before an important video call and you need to look as sharp as possible. You grab your favorite shirt/blouse only to find out it’s super wrinkled. If your first instinct is to go grab the iron, stop! All you have to do is throw in a damp towel—or 2-3 ice cubes—in the dryer with your shirt/blouse, and presto! The damp towel will create steam, thus de-wrinkling your clothing! Now you’ll look perfect without having to participate in the laborious task of ironing!

Leave Room in the Dryer

If you notice that all of your clothes are coming out super wrinkled out of the dryer, it’s most likely because you’re overstuffing them! Make sure you’re not filling in your dryer or washer with too many clothes! Packed-up appliances will only cause your clothes to bunch up together and cause wrinkles. It’s better to put in an extra load of clothing than having to iron all of your wrinkled clothing!

Fold Clothes Immediately

Have you ever forgotten to take out a load of clothing from the dryer only to find them with severe creases? The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to remove the creases. Sometimes we leave this chore for later, which is not the best idea if you want to prevent your clothes from wrinkling. As soon as you take them out of the dryer, start folding them right away! If done correctly, firmly folding your clothes has a similar effect as ironing. Simply get the clothes a good shake and fold them as firmly as you can!

Lady folding clothes

Spray Away!

One of the quickest ways to get wrinkle free-laundry is by giving them a nice spray! Simply fill up a bottle sprayer with water and spray down your wrinkled clothing. But don’t overdo it with too much water—a few spritzes will do! After that, give your clothes a couple of good shakes there you go! You can also hang them to dry in the air.

Wash at the Laundromat

A huge part of wrinkled clothing comes from overstuffed dryers and forgetting to fold them right away. Fortunately, by washing your clothes at a laundromat, you’ll be more aware of clothing and give them the immediate attention they need. Also, commercial washers and dryers are larger than residential ones, so bunched-up clothing won’t be much of an issue!

Get Wrinkle-Free Clothing at Clean Waves Laundry

If you have an “iron deficiency” when it comes to laundry, use these hacks to get wrinkle-free laundry! We hope this blog helped you see how to get wrinkle-free clothing without ironing! To learn more about laundry tips and tricks, check out our blog here. Come get wrinkle-free laundry here at Clean Waves Laundry! We’re located at 2267 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109. Contact us by emailing at, or by clicking here!