The Highest Rated Laundromat in San Diego

Pacific Beach.

Right here in Pacific Beach.

Pacific Beach is a relaxed neighborhood located in San Diego that’s surrounded by gorgeous beaches and a great variety of bars, eateries, and boutiques! This is a loved place for Californians and tourists alike. Pacific beach has a semi-arid subtropical climate with warm-summer Mediterranean traits. The sun shines for more than 300 days each year and has an average rainfall of less than 11 in per year. This place is perfect for people who like to relax and spend time doing what they love.

With an environmentally aware community, Pacific Beach residents look for an eco-friendly place to do their laundry. Fortunately, Clean Waves Laundry is here! With our top-tier washing machines, this is the preferred laundromat that Pacific Beach residents frequent. Our washing machines are energy efficient and have convenient contactless payment options!

Our modern facility with state-of-the-art washing machines and dryers allows you to pay with a simple tap of your card! No coins—no hassles!

Clean Waves Laundry is not like any other laundromat you’ve seen before.

Clean Waves Laundry

Clean Waves Laundry is not like any other laundromat you’ve seen before. Our modern facility offers the best self-service laundry services out there. Our philosophy is to bring Pacific Beach an enhanced way of doing laundry. With our modern washing machines and incomparable services, you’ll see how doing laundry can go from “ugh” to “yes!”