Yes, you can pay with a card! In fact, we offer contactless payment, so all you have to do is download our app, hover your card over the machine, and presto! It’s that simple!
To get the best wash possible, be sure not to fill the washers with too much laundry. Washers require space for the clothing to move around and get stains and dirt removed. It’s also a smart idea to use high quality soap rather than cheaper alternatives.
The best way you can conserve the colors of your bright-pigmented clothing is by washing them in cold water.
We’ve all seen our favorite white shirt turn dull gray. In the case of 100% cotton white clothing, you can simply use Clorox bleach to bring them back to life. Also, be sure to wash your lights with lights and darks with darks.
We are more than happy to spray spot stains for specific clothing! Just remember to point them out to us ahead of time!
Depending on the size of the washing machine, the time will vary. However, on average, it takes around 30 minutes.
Depending on the fabrics and load, drying a load can take between 15 – 45 min.
The reasons clothes shrink and stretch vary from fiber content to how you wash or clean them. Some of the best ways to avoid shrinking or stretching in clothing is to use cold water, avoid too much agitation, and reduce your clothes’ drying time.

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