Do you have to go to your local laundromat every time you need to do laundry? Is your laundry machine broken and you need to do a load of laundry quickly? Whether you’re a regular or just stopping by, at Clean Waves Laundry, our team has the best 10 tips for washing clothes at the laundromat that you should check out before your next laundry day!

1. Sort Before You Go

It is essential for most people when they’re at the laundromat to get in and out quickly. This is why sorting out your clothes before you go is crucial if you don’t want to spend extra time doing it while you’re there.

2. Strive for Simplicity

Complete any stain treatments on your laundry beforehand. This ensures you’ll have to bring fewer things, making it easier to carry your items. You should bring your laundry, detergent (pods are even better), and dryer sheets to make things easy for you. Keep it simple and easy when you come to Clean Waves Laundry.

3. Choose a Slow Hour

It can be hard to find a quiet hour at the laundromat where you can easily use 3-4 different machines to get all of your laundry done quickly. To do this, the best time to go is usually in the middle of the day, if you can. If you want to get at least 1-2 machines, the late afternoon into the early evening can also be slow. However, once people get out of work, laundromats can get busy.

4. Wipe Out Washer & Dryer Before Use

It is always a good idea to wipe down your machines before you use them. Since these machines are communal, you don’t know what other people could be washing. As a sanitary precaution, make sure to clean out your washer and dryer before you use them.

5. Smell the Machines Before Use

Although this might seem gross, it’s highly beneficial. If you smell that someone used bleach, you can avoid putting your dark items in that machine.

6. Bring a Large Garbage Bag

Just in case it rains and your laundry bag or hamper has holes in it, you’ll want to keep your clothes dry! Bring a large bag to ensure your clothes won’t get wet if you do your laundry on a rainy day.

7. Gift Card

Are you looking for a simple yet kind gift to give out this holiday season? Get a Clean Waves Laundry gift card and make someone’s life easier! We all do laundry, so it’s impossible for someone not to benefit from it. Buy your gift card today!

8. Stay by Your Machine

It is essential that when you’re doing laundry that you stay by your machine. If you leave your items unattended, they can get taken, or someone could move them to a different device or onto a table.

9. Check All of the Settings

Check all of the settings beforehand so that you know it matches correctly with your load. If you leave the machines on the settings from the person before you, it could ruin your laundry items.

10. Bring a Laundry Basket

Remember to bring a basket for your clothes to fold so that they don’t get wrinkled and you can quickly put them away. Do your next load of laundry at Clean Waves Laundry!

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